Deals to travel to Tel Aviv in Business class from 400€

Looking for cheap business fares, and curious to travel to Tel Aviv, Israel? We’ve found some great fares, with good availability in 2018, and thought we’d share them with you.

From Barcelona (BCN)

From Barcelona you can fly with AirFrance, via Paris Charles de Gaulle from 421€. The fare conditions dictate that trips must last longer than six days, with no maximum. We based our example on a 9 day trip, and found plenty of availability between January and March 2018. Other days during the year can also be found, although there is less availability.


business fare tickets from Barcelona to Tel Aviv in business class

Also Available from:

Air France flies to Tel Aviv using their A320 aircraft, this means it’s a European style business class product – i.e. standard economy seats with the middle seat blocked. This said, you can expect lounge access on the ground, and business class catering in the air, along with complimentary drinks (including, as you’d expect, champagne).

All in all, it’s a great deal – with plenty of departure points throughout Europe, and a good amount of availability.

Tiago Araujo
Tiago is from Goiania, Brazil, but has lived in Portugal for 4 years. When he can, he regularly travels in Europe, as well as back to Brazil. With a passion for flying, finding cheap fares, and travelling to new places, always with his camera in the hand. Tiago hopes to use this space to share some of his trips, tips and pics 😉

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