Hello, we’re Jack and Tiago.

We enjoy seeing new places and gaining new experiences – and we’re always looking for another excuse to travel.

That's why we set up this blog - this is the space we'll use to share our experiences and tips, whether it be of the places we see, or the journeys we take – and as we do so, we hope to provide you with another excuse to travel as well.

About Tiago

Tiago is from Goiania, Brazil, but has lived in Portugal for 3 years.

When he can, he regularly travels in Europe, as well as back to Brazil.

With a passion for flying, finding cheap fares, and travelling to new places, always with his camera in the hand.

Tiago hopes to use this space to share some of his trips, tips and pics 😉

About Jack

Jack is from Scotland, although rarely spends too long in one place, hence his constant need for another excuse to travel.

Like Tiago, he enjoys flying, as well as extracting maximum value from his airmiles.

He's travelled widely - and holds a particular fondness for European food, the vibe of South America, and the diversity of Asia.