SkyTeam ‘The Lounge’ São Paulo is located in Guarulhos Terminal 2. It’s also the lounge you’ll be directed to use if you’re flying with Aeromexico or Air Europa. Priority Pass members can also use this lounge and as of writing, it’s the only Priority Pass lounge in the terminal. As an airline alliance branded lounge, I had fairly high expectations. Unfortunately, these were rather misplaced.

If you’re travelling on an international flight from São Paulo, you’ll depart either from terminal 2 or terminal 3. Fortunately, the vast majority of international flights leave from the more modern terminal 3 complex. Sadly, if you’re travelling with airlines such as Aeromexico, Air Europa or Aerolíneas Argentinas you’ll need to use terminal 2 instead. This means also using SkyTeam ‘The Lounge’ São Paulo. Fortunately, you can transfer easily between the two terminals once you’ve cleared security and are airside. This is definitely worth doing if you have the time, since the lounges available to you will be of a far higher quality. If you’re interested, we’ve previously reviewed a number of lounges in terminal 3, including:

If you’re short on time though, and decide to use the SkyTeam Global Lounge São Paulo, it’s best to keep your expectations low. And then lower them again.

SkyTeam ‘The Lounge’ São Paulo Access

SkyTeam Global Lounge São Paulo entrance

In many ways, it seems slightly bizarre that SkyTeam decided to give their name to this lounge. Not least because most of the major SkyTeam airlines, such as Air France, KLM and Delta don’t even operate flights from terminal 2. Instead, they use terminal 3. This means the only SkyTeam airlines operating from terminal 2 are Aerolíneas Argentinas, Aeroméxico and Air Europa. You’ll be able to gain access if you’re flying with these airlines in business class, or if you hold SkyTeam Elite Plus status.

SkyTeam Global Lounge São Paulo reception

This is also now the only Priority Pass lounge available in Terminal 2. Priority Pass did used to have an agreement with GOL to use their international lounge in terminal 2 as well, but this arrangement has now ceased. If you are considering using your Priority Pass card, I’d only do so if you have a plan that includes unlimited lounge access. This certainly isn’t a lounge I’d recommend paying to enter.

SkyTeam ‘The Lounge’ São Paulo Space & Interior

Although the lounge itself isn’t very big, it does have a few different zones. These include a bar area, some individual working pods, a television room, a children’s play room and a ‘relaxation’ area. While the space looks like it was renovated in the last few years, it’s certainly nothing special and the overall condition of the space is poor.

SkyTeam Global Lounge São Paulo

Upon entering, you’re first greeted by the bar area. I visited this lounge twice over the space of a few months – once in the evening, and once in the early morning. During both of these times the lounge was fairly empty.

SkyTeam Global Lounge São Paulo bar area

There are a few different seating options, but overall, the lounge has a fairly basic feel to it.

SkyTeam Global Lounge São Paulo Seating Area

The best space by far is the business area. Similarly to the Centurion Lounge, there are also individual work pods and I wish more lounges had these.

airport lounge business area work pods Airport lounge business area

There was a television room, although I didn’t see this being used. I’m not convinced it was the best use of the space available, and it felt a little sad and unloved.

Airport lounge television room

The worst issue, however, was the shocking state of repair. In various places, damp has infiltrated the walls and there appears to have been no attempt to try and repair this.

SkyTeam Global Lounge São Paulo damp walls

The worst area was the ‘relaxation’ zone. Perhaps it’s just me, but I wouldn’t want to relax or try and nap next to a damp wall.

SkyTeam Global Lounge São Paulo relaxation area

Despite having apparently been recently renovated, the whole space felt badly maintained and slightly depressing. It’s certainly not somewhere I’d want to be spending time in, least not if I’d arrived at the airport with hours to spare, or was facing a delayed flight.

View of Aeromexico 787 from Sao Paulo airport

On the plus side, the space is fairly light, and you can enjoy some good views out onto the airport.

Food and Drinks at the SkyTeam ‘The Lounge’ São Paulo

The food and drinks selection at the SkyTeam Global Lounge São Paulo is also disappointing. It consists of some basic snacks, and if you were looking for something more substantial to eat before your flight, you’d likely be disappointed. The only hot options are coxinhas, pão de queijo or ‘pea broth’. While I decided not to brave the broth, I did try a coxinha and a pão de queijo and neither were very good.

Coxinhas and pao de queijo

In addition, there were some basic sandwiches, a limited selection of fresh fruit, and various sweet cakes and biscuits.

SkyTeam Global Lounge São Paulo pea broth soup SkyTeam Global Lounge São Paulo sandwiches and fruits

On the drinks side, there is a fully staffed bar – although this only opens at midday. There are a few cocktails to choose from, including caipirinha and Aperol Spritz. The bar only operates from midday, although before this wine is available. You probably won’t be surprised to read that this wasn’t very good either.

Red wine

As you’ expect, there are fridges stocked with various soft drinks and beers. If you’re wanting a water, this is provided in individual cuplets – branded as ‘premium’. I’m not sure why they don’t install water fountains or dispensers instead – it’d also be much more sustainable.

Airport lounge drinks fridge


Up until this point, the Erste Premier Lounge Prague was the worst Priority Pass lounge I’d visited. Unfortunately, I think SkyTeam ‘The Lounge’ São Paulo is one step worse. I’m not sure why SkyTeam have any involvement with the space, since it’s actually run by the ‘Global Lounge Network’. Frankly, this space doesn’t do much to promote the alliance, or the passenger experience.

In all honesty, if you’re short on time, it’d probably be more pleasant staying in the main terminal. If you do have a little more time to spare, I’d highly recommend walking the short distance to terminal 2 instead. This only takes around ten minutes each way, and you’ll have many better lounge options to choose from by doing so.