Located in the non-Schengen area of Nice’s Terminal 1, the Nice Canopy Lounge offers a roomy space to relax prior to flying, with an albeit basic range of snacks. 


Getting to the Nice Canopy lounge is simple. Once through security, head to the B zone and clear passport control. Once you’re through passport control, turn left into the main shopping area. The lounge is on the first floor (accessible via stairs and lift) and is clearly signposted. 

We were here as the Canopy Lounge is used by Qatar Airways for those travelling in business, or oneworld frequent flyers. You can check out our review here. If purchased on the airports website access can be obtained for €30 – at this price point, I’m not sure the lounge offers particularly good value.

Remember though, with a free DragonPass account, you could reduce the cost of your stay to around €23.

sala vip the canopy lounge nice NCE airport aeroporto Qatar airways

The Space

The lounge is very spacious and is divided into multiple areas with comfortable seating. During our visit the lounge was busy, but didn’t feel particularly crowded. There were plenty of staff around, and the service was efficient. 

There was also dedicated wifi for the lounge, and whilst usable and slightly better than the free internet provided in the main terminal, it was slow and not particularly reliable.

Food and Drinks

In terms of drinks, the lounge is well stocked – with beers, wines and spirits. Soft drinks are available in small cans, whilst juices and waters are self-pour in large bottles. There was a decent variety including apple, apricot, grapefruit, orange, pineapple and tomato. Champagne is available on request, and was easy to obtain. Indeed, all the staff were very pleasant. 

sala vip the canopy lounge nice NCE airport aeroporto Qatar airways

Food was somewhat basic. Sandwiches were available, however, they were all on one plate, and weren’t labelled. It appeared, however, that the choice was between tomato, mozzarella and pesto or goats cheese with an onion relish. A selection of cheeses were also available, as where pre-packaged biscuits and cakes. Whilst not extensive, what was provided was all of a good quality.

sala vip the canopy lounge nice NCE airport aeroporto Qatar airways 


Nice Airport is small and efficient, and so unless you were in transit, or had a long wait for some reason, there is no need to get to the airport particularly early – in addition to this, the terminal airside is pleasant, with an adequate range of facilities. This said, it was a decent place to wait for boarding.