Qatar Airways has a solid reputation, and deservedly so. It’s possible to get some great value fares in premium cabins, as well as travel to a huge number of destinations. Qatar Airways Qsuites is their latest business class innovation. So, what’s it really like? We review our trip from Bangkok to Doha.Β 

Qsuites solo cabin


We were on a route which would take us on a return journey from Marrakech to Bangkok, with a stop in Doha. On the first leg from Marrakech we were on the Boeing 787. It’s also a solid business class product which we’ve previously reviewed here. From Doha, we’d be on the B777-300ER, which features the Qsuite product.

We paid about €1,150 return for these flights, which was a very good deal. At the time of flying, Qatar had only recently started flying from Marrakech, and were offering some very competitive launch fares.

Check-in and Lounge

Check-in at Bangkok was fairly efficient. There was a short queue for the business class check-in desk but it cleared fairly quickly. We were given boarding cards for both legs of our return to Marrakech. As we were flying business class, we were also able to use priority security and immigration at Bangkok.

This is a really great addition to have. Security at Bangkok is incredibly slow if you’re not using the fast-track service, and it’s previously taken us over an hour to get through to the departure lounge. In contrast, using fast-track it takes no more than 10 minutes.

Qatar have their own lounge at Bangkok Airport. This was our fourth visit to the lounge, and you can find a previous review here. While I don’t rate it as highly as some others do, it’s still a very pleasant place to wait for a flight. It’s also very close to the gates Qatar usually depart from. Those who have been to Bangkok will know that the walk to the gates can be rather long if you’re at the wrong side of the airport.

Jack Tiago Qsuites


Our flight was running on time and we arrived at the gate around ten minutes after boarding had officially begun. We were in the second business class cabin on the B777, and the problem with this was that by the time we boarded there was a huge queue to get to our seats as the majority of the plane was boarding from the front door. For this reason, I’d probably opt to sit in the front business cabin when flying in Qsuites again.

Qsuites seat view

The Design

We were seated in 9E and 9F. These seats are a great choice if you’re travelling as a couple. During the flight the two seats can be converted into a double bed which is a nice touch. The cabin feels very private. For take-off the doors are open, however, after take-off they are closed and you essentially have complete privacy.

The design of the individual suite is impressive and looks more like a first class than a business class cabin. Qatar have chosen a burgundy colour scheme, which adds to the design. I was particularly impressed by just how big the in flight television screens were – they were huge and also great quality.

Qatar Qsuites 777

Unfortunately, the design is not as practical in reality as it might first appear. There is a shelf to the side of you for drinks, and general use. There is then also a large table adjacent to this which can be pulled out for dining and working. During the flight I had a glass of champagne on the table/shelf to the side, and was using my laptop on the main table. Unfortunately the glass of champagne fell from the side table straight onto the main table. In the process my laptop was destroyed. So just be careful how you position things!

Qsuites seat

Comfort and Entertainment

The seat itself has been well thought through. There is a control bar which is easy to use when you want to adjust the seat, and I found it to be really comfortable. I was worried that the suites would feel a bit claustrophobic, but I didn’t find this in practice. It definitely felt like a step-up. You’re also able to ask the crew to make up the bed for you, and for the two seats together in the middle, they have a mattress pad which connects the seats.

As you’d expect, the in flight entertainment system was excellent. There was a great deal of choice, and it wasn’t hard to find recently released films. There was also a HDMI output if you wanted to stream your own content. Top marks for this. The handset provided was responsive, and it was fairly easy to navigate. Unfortunately, Qatar don’t offer free wifi in business. They did however offer one hour for free, which is better than nothing.

Qsuites inflight entertainment


Although it varies quite a bit from crew to crew, in general the service on Qatar tends to be good. One problem about sitting in the middle seats is that one person will be served by one crew member, and then the other person will be served by another. This meant that at times our service was out of sync, which wasn’t such a great feature.

Upon boarding we were offered a welcome drink. Qatar doesn’t just limit this to an orange juice or champagne, instead you’re able to choose from a full range of drinks. It’s a nice touch. Throughout the flight the crew were responsive. They were happy to offer refills, and were quick to respond to the call button.

Food and Drink

On all of its business class services, Qatar offers a dine on demand concept. TheΒ  Qatar business class Qsuites services are slightly different, because in addition to a full menu, Qatar have also introduced a range of ‘snack items’ including a so-called ‘sharing platter’. While the concept of the sharing dish was nice, in reality it is far too small for two people to share if you want more than 2 mouthfuls, so it’s better to order two if you both want something.

Qatar business class food

As is consistently the case with Qatar, all of the meals were of a very high quality. The menu features a good balance between Asian and Western cuisines, and you’d be hard pressed to find an option you didn’t like. On this flight we opted for a smoked salmon starter. This was followed by beef with potato dauphinoise. We also tried out a beef dish, which was great too.

Qatar business class starter

Throughout the flight you’re able to order additional items. This included options such as a steak sandwich, or afternoon tea. It’s really nice being able to adapt the meal service to how you’re feeling on the flight, and with Qatar this is easy to do.

Qatar business class main course

I don’t find Qatar’s wine list particularly impressive, but it does have plenty of options. You can of course also order a range of spirits, as well as soft drinks. I took the opportunity to try out the non alcoholic ‘bubbly’ offered by Qatar, So Jennie. It wasn’t to my taste and was basically just a sparkling grape juice, but it’s nice Qatar have made an effort to offer a range of options.


Qatar deservedly have an excellent reputation. It’s clear they’ve taken the time to create an innovative and high quality product. Qatar business class Qsuites are visually impressive, but it can also be a little impractical. This said, it does feel like a step up from the traditional business class design. When the doors are closed, it really does feel like a very private and peaceful personal space.

As is the case regardless of the business class product you’re flying, the service was generally good. Qatar have reduced the quality of their wines in recent years, but the selection is fairly varied. Food has always been a strong point with Qatar and this continues to be the case. Overall the seat is much better than that offered on either the 787 or A380. This said, I did slightly miss the A380 bar which is a fun feature.

In the future though, schedule allowing, it’s fair to say would try and book a flight which had the Qatar business class Qsuites over other aircraft and product types.

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