The Centurion Lounge Buenos Aires is located in the city’s principal international airport, Ezeiza. Having recently visited a couple of other Centurion Lounges in Latin America, including Mexico City and SΓ£o Paulo, I was looking forward to seeing how the Buenos Aires lounge would compare.

Centurion Lounge Buenos Aires Entrance

Centurion Lounge Buenos Aires Access

Ezeiza has recently opened its new terminal. Overall, it’s an easy airport to navigate. Once you’ve cleared security and immigration and made your way through the duty-free area, you should turn right, and head towards gate 15. Opposite the gate, you’ll see a lift and stairway. The Amex Centurion lounge Buenos Aires is located on level 1, opposite the Aerolineas Argentinas lounge.

You can use the lounge if you hold an Amex Platinum Card, Business Platinum Card, or Centurion Card. We arrived at about 9:30am, and the lounge was fairly empty. The lounge is open daily from 9:00am until midnight, and your flight must be departing within three hours to gain access. Unfortunately, you do need to be travelling on an international flight. If you’re flying domestically, Ezeiza has no lounge options. Indeed, for domestic flights it’s much better to use the more centrally located Aeroparque, which does have a fairly decent domestic lounge.

Centurion Lounge Buenos Aires Space & Interior

The Centurion lounge Buenos Aires is much larger than I thought it’d be. This is great because I can’t imagine it ever feels particularly overcrowded or busy. The lounge has a few different areas. As you enter, you’ll see some comfortable armchairs.

Centurion Lounge Buenos Aires Seating Area Arm chairs with green plant wall

Beyond this, there are further seating areas, including a space more suited for dining. As the lounge was very quiet, it was easy to find somewhere to sit, and the space felt relaxed. Although I like the Centurion SΓ£o Paulo lounge, I think the one in Buenos Aires feels like an upgrade in comparison.

Lounge Dining Area

The lounge has its own bathrooms, however, there are no shower facilities.

Lounge Bathroom

Unlike in SΓ£o Paulo, there aren’t any dedicated spaces for working. There is a space close to the bar with a couple of computers, but I don’t think it’d be a particularly quiet or focussed place to work.

Centurion Lounge Buenos Aires Business Area

Additionally, there is a small play area for children.

Play area for children.

Overall, I really liked the look and feel of the space. It’s also considerably nicer than the American Airlines / Iberia lounge, which looks and feels very tired. Everything was in an excellent condition and looked recently renovated.

Food and Drinks at the Centurion Lounge Buenos Aires

The food and drink concept at the Centurion Lounge Buenos Aires is similar to the Centurion SΓ£o Paulo lounge. Everything is self-service, unlike in Mexico City, where the Centurion lounge feels more like a restaurant. Personally, I think I prefer the self-service concept – although the quality isn’t as good, it’s much quicker and works better if you’re short on time.

Centurion Lounge Buenos Aires Breakfast food.

As we were visiting during the morning, breakfast was being served. The quality and selection of options was good. There were a couple of hot items, including eggs and warm sandwiches (ham and cheese). In addition, there was a good selection of cold options, including cheeses, hams, cereals, pastries and pancakes.

Lounge Breakfast Buffet Airport lounge breakfast buffet

Drinks were also self-service and the selection was very good. There are fridges with various soft drinks and beers. Water is served from a dispenser, and you can choose from still or sparkling. There were also two very good coffee machines, although one wasn’t working properly so there was often a short queue.

Centurion Lounge Buenos Aires desserts and water dispenser. Centurion Lounge Buenos Aires Drinks and Fruit.

There’s also a self-service bar. As you’d expect for a lounge in Argentina, there were plenty of good wine options. There’s also Chandon if you want something sparkling.

Alcoholic drinks selection, including wine, chandon and spirits.


Overall, this lounge is probably the best option if you’re travelling through Ezeiza and are able to access. Amex has done a good job of creating a relaxed space, and everything has been completed to a high standard.

The space itself is substantial and feels much larger than necessary. This isn’t a bad thing though – I can’t imagine you’d ever struggle to find a space to sit and it makes the space feel more relaxed.

Overall, the selection of food and drinks is good. While nothing overly substantial, it’s more than fine if you’re just wanting a quick drink or snack before your flight. As I was flying with British Airways to Rio, I was invited to use the American Airlines / Iberia lounge, and I’d expected that this would end up being the best option. I was wrong though! The Centurion lounge is a much more pleasant space to use.