A couple of months ago we wrote about a status match being offered by TAP Portugal. Essentially, it allows you to use your existing status with another airline to gain Star Alliance Gold. So, how did it work in practice?

TAP Portugal Status Match

Status matches are a good way of being able to gain elite status with another airline alliance. To obtain the TAP Portugal status match, I used my Iberia Oro status (oneworld Sapphire). The TAP status match allowed me to use my Iberia Oro status to get TAP Gold, which is equivalent to Star Alliance Gold. If you want to find out more about the benefits of this and airline alliances generally, check out our article here.

It’s easy to see what level of match you can expect from TAP. They have a simple table here with all of the details.

It’s true, this is a pretty strange time to be acquiring a new airline status. The match gives you status with TAP for 12 months from the date of approval. So in reality it’s probably only worth applying if you’re fairly confident you’re going to be able to use it. Primarily this is because the match isn’t free. Indeed, you’ll need to pay a minimum of €99. For this, you’ll join the Club Miles&Go Basic level. In exchange, you’ll earn 14,000 points over 12 months.

The Process

To be eligible, you need to have a new TAP account, created after January 2020. Once you’ve done this, you’re required to fill out the following form. It basically requires you to send over a copy of your other airline membership card to prove your status level.

I applied on the 12th October 2020. You then need to wait for the match to be approved. TAP replied on the 30th October.

TAP Miles & Go Program is pleased to inform you that your Status Match Campaign Application has been Validated. You are now eligible for TAP Miles&Go Gold status match.

To continue your journey in this Campaign, you must, within the next 10 days, subscribe to one of the TAP Miles&Go Clubs which allows you to accumulate miles, even without travelling. Some of them will count towards the renewal of your status. Others you can use in discounts, awards and benefits with TAP Air Portugal. Alternatively, you can purchase 4000 miles or more at the Programme’s Miles Store.

Upon receiving the confirmation that the match was approved, I purchased the Club Miles&Go Basic plan. On the 2nd November TAP confirmed that I had met the conditions of the status match, and it’d take up to 14 days for my account to be updated.

In reality, on the 3rd of November my account was upgraded and I’d been given TAP Gold status. It was also confirmed that it’d last until 31st October 2021.

You won’t receive a physical card, although you can easily access the virtual card through the TAP app.


Of course, status only lasts for a year. So if you want to maintain your status, you’ll need to do some actual flying. If you’re matched to Gold level this means:

  • 4 flight segments with TAP Portugal in any class
  • 25,000 status miles (these can be earned either with TAP, or another Star Alliance airline)

Good Experience?

Overall, it was a straightforward process. While I don’t rate TAP as an airline and don’t plan to fly with them anytime soon, this was a good way to get Star Alliance Gold. In reality, I’d only consider this match if you’re going to get Star Alliance Gold. Silver status isn’t really worth it.

The process isn’t instant, but I was prepared for it to take longer than it did, so I was pleasantly surprised. As for Star Alliance as a whole, I have very mixed feelings about it. I definitely don’t think it’s as good an option as oneworld. But more on that another time.