As part of a new weekly series we’re calling #TuesdayTravelTips, we’re going to post weekly tips and tricks with the goal of helping you travel better for less. The idea is to publish simple, easy to follow guides which can be useful in the search for another excuse to travel.

This week, we’ll be focussing on how to use Google Flights. Google Flights is probably the easiest and most popular tool available to find cheap flights. It allows you to choose a number of different filters, as well as allowing you to explore more generally. It’s possible to search for flights in all fare classes, as well as all major airlines.


On a simple level, Google Flights allows you to insert an origin airport and then a destination airport. You then choose your dates, and Google Flights will show the available options. But this is a very small part of its usefulness as a tool to find cheap flights. Essentially, you can be as specific or as vague as you want to be.

You have the option to insert multiple origin and destinations airports. Not only does this save time, but it also allows you to see whether it’d be worth travelling to an airport nearby if it meant you were able to obtain a significant saving.

You can also use the date grid and the calendar function in order to see prices across multiple days and months. This is the easiest way to save money. If you’re able to be flexible, you can clearly see when the cheapest time to fly is, and what dates can be most advantageous in terms of cost.

Alternatively, you have the option to go for a much broader search. This can be done using the Google Flights Explore function. Put simply, you insert you origin airport(s), and then choose a region you want to fly to. This could be either a country or a continent. Google Flights will then display a map which enables you to see exactly where you can go, and how much it’d cost.

Using this functionality you also have the choice to choose far more flexible date options, whether this be a month, or a time period such as within the next six months.

Will Google Flights always get me the cheapest price?

No, not always. But it’s the best tool for helping you discover when it’s likely to be the cheapest time to fly. There are other tools which you can sometimes use to reduce the price further. We’ll explore the pros and cons of these in the future.

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