Hong Kong is a lively and bustling city. As such, it’s sometimes nice to head away from the busy streets and instead spend some time in a quieter setting. Once home to one of the most famous airports in the world, today Kai Tak is no longer an airport. Instead, it’s been transformed into a park which sits alongside the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal.

Kai Tak Runway Park opened in 2014 and is located in Kowloon. If you’re into aviation, or just want to stand for a while imagining what was, but no longer is, it’s well worth making the effort to visit. The park is primarily comprised of an open grass area. This said, the real fascination lies in the ability to stand at the foot of what was once Runway 13.

Kai Tak Runway ParkKai Tak Runway Park

Runway 13 was the main runway for departing flights. Despite this being long in the past (the airport closed in 1998) it’s still somewhat fascinating to stand and consider just what a unique airport this was. Dotted throughout the park you can see various floor markings which give an insight into Kai Tak’s history. Although these aren’t particularly in-depth, it’s still an interesting experience.

Also located in the park is a decommissioned Jetstream 41, formerly operated by the Government Flying Service. Admittedly, it’s far away from the 747s which used to dominate Kai Tak Airport, but a nice addition nonetheless.

Kai Tak Runway Park

From the park you’re also able to take in some brilliant views of Victoria Harbour. It’s worth entering the cruise terminal and going up to its roof space. There are some brilliant photography opportunities.

Kai Tak Runway Park is well worth a visit when you’re next in Hong Kong.

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