I’ve been using Iberia Plus for the last six years. Overall, I think it’s a good scheme, and offers some attractive flight redemption options. If you’re wondering how to use Iberia Avios, we’ll share 5 of the best ways to maximise value, and get the most from your points.

Although Iberia and British Airways are both owned by IAG, they operate two separate frequent flyer programmes. These are known as Iberia Plus and the British Airways Executive Club. When it comes to earning and redeeming Avios, they’re both fairly similar. Although there are some circumstances when it’s better to redeem your Avios using one programme instead of the other. In this article, we’ll talk about how to use your Avios with Iberia Plus, and how to get great value from your points.

What can I spend my Iberia Avios points on?

Although Iberia have a number of redemption partners, the best option by far is using your Avios for flights. This is how you’ll be able to use your Iberia Avios to get the best possible value.

You can redeem your miles either for a flight with Iberia, or any oneworld partner. Iberia also have some partnerships with airlines outside of the oneworld alliance, including LATAM, LEVEL, Vueling, Binter and Avianca.

Iberia A320 - view from window of the airport.

How to use Iberia Avios:

Of course, when considering how to use Iberia Avios, much depends on your personal circumstances and priorities. Hopefully the recommendations below can provide some inspritation.

1. Madrid to Tokyo in Iberia business class – 119,000 Avios + €229.27 Return.

Although Iberia suspended their route to Tokyo during the pandemic, from November 2024 flights with Iberia from Madrid to Japan’s capital will resume. With a scheduled flight time of just over 14 hours, a redemption in business class makes plenty of sense.

Flights to Tokyo from Europe in business class are typically on the more expensive side – with a cash fare on Iberia costing at least €2,500 return. If you are interested in this route though, it’s worth trying to book as far in advance as possible. With three flights per week, availability can disappear quickly.

We’ve previously reviewed the new Iberia A350 business class suite product. While Iberia often gets mixed reviews online, I’ve always enjoyed my flights with them in business.

As a comparison though, if you were to redeem Avios with British Airways on a direct flight between London Heathrow and Tokyo in business class, it’d cost a whopping 210,000 Avios + €550 return.

Iberia Avios Redemption Prices - Madrid to Tokyo Return

2. Madrid to New York in Iberia business class – 68,000 Avios + €251.02 Return.

When thinking about how to use Iberia Avios, redemptions to the East Coast of the United States are extremely good value. As well as New York, Iberia offer flights to Boston, Chicago and Washington (seasonal) for the same number of Avios, and roughly the same amount in taxes and fees.

Again, when you compare the cost of redeeming with Iberia Avios, it’s a much better value option than British Airways from London. With BA, you’d pay 160,000 Avios + €350 return.

Iberia Plus Avios Redemption from Madrid to New York

3. Hong Kong to Taipei in Cathay Pacific business class – 20,800 Avios + €39.45 One-Way

Since it’s a oneworld airline, you can easily redeem your Iberia Avios on Cathay Pacific. This is particularly worth doing in business class, since you’ll be able to enjoy Cathay’s lounges in Hong Kong. These are, in my opinion, the best in the world and almost a destination in themselves.

Although Hong Kong to Taipei is a short flight at just under two hours, you can still enjoy Cathay’s very good regional business class product. If you’re willing to spend a few more Avios, you could also consider flying to Bangkok (30,000), Singapore (32,500) or Tokyo (32,500) instead.

Iberia Avios Redemption to Taipei

4. Madrid to Lima in Iberia Premium Economy – 63,500 Avios + €206.89 Return

If you have a smaller amount of Avios to burn, premium economy can be worth considering. It’s a step-up from economy, and allows for a more relaxed journey.

We’ve previously reviewed Iberia in premium economy, and while there was room for improvement, using Avios can be a good opportunity to experience it, without having to pay a huge premium.

Iberia also offer good value premium economy redemptions on other routes to South America, for example São Paulo (63,500), Bogotá (63,500) or Buenos Aires (76,500).

Iberia Premium Economy Avios Redemption.


5. São Paulo to Bogotá in LATAM economy – 26,000 Avios + €120.07 Return

Flights within South America can be surprisingly expensive. While LATAM is by no means my favourite airline, there are some good value redemption options with Iberia Avios. At a flight time of around six hours each way, 26,000 Avios return for flights from São Paulo to Bogotá represent excellent value. It’s worth exploring other routes and destinations served by LATAM within South America, as you’ll often be able to find some good value options.

It’s worth noting, however, that the Iberia website can often present errors when trying to book return flights with LATAM. This means it’s often necessary to book two one-way flights instead. Iberia’s IT system can often require a lot of patience!

A final note:

Finally, I want to share three other major benefits of booking with Avios (which can sometimes be overlooked):

  1. Last-minute bookings. For me, one of the greatest benefits of having Avios is having extra options if I need to book a last-minute flight. There are times when I need to travel at short notice, or fares are being extremely expensive for the dates I want to fly. This is when Avios can hold a really high amount of value. If you really need to book last minute, always check to see if there are any Avios seats available before reaching for your wallet – sometimes you’ll get lucky and be able to find a really good last minute redemption seat and save some cash.
  2. Baggage. Even the cheapest redemptions in economy include one 23kg bag in the hold. This can be a huge benefit, especially when you consider the fact many fares in economy no longer include a checked bag.
  3. Flexibility. Sometimes travel plans can change, or you might want to book a flight provisionally. This means some flexibility is helpful. Whilst tickets booked with Iberia Avios are more restrictive than those booked through British Airways, they do still offer some flexibility. Providing you redeem your Avios for a flight with Iberia, Iberia Express, Air Nostrum, or British Airways, you can change or cancel your flights for €25.