The Mendoza Airport AMAE lounge offers a similar experience to other domestic lounges in Argentina such as Jorge Newbery Aeroparque and Bariloche. I decided to try it out on my return journey to Buenos Aires, after spending the week in Mendoza.

Mendoza Airport AMAE Lounge Access

To access the Mendoza Airport AMAE lounge you first need to clear security. The lounge is located close to gate 3 and was very easy to find. In my experience, navigating airports in Argentina is usually an easy task. If you’re flying domestically, arriving around 90 minutes before your departure time should always be more than enough. Especially at smaller airports like Bariloche and Mendoza, security rarely takes longer than a few minutes. It’s also worth remembering that there aren’t liquid restrictions for domestic flights in Argentina. So if you want to take any wine onboard, for example, you’re free to take it as hand baggage.

Access to the lounge is possible using either Priority Pass or DragonPass, as well as with some Argentinean credit cards. If you don’t have any of these, it’s possible to pay the lounge directly for entry. This will cost $50 though, and isn’t good value in my opinion. Instead, you can follow our guide to get a free DragonPass membership. You’d then pay Β£24 (approx €28/$30).

The lounge is open daily from 6:30 to 22:30.

Mendoza Airport AMAE Lounge Space & Interior

The Mendoza Airport AMAE Lounge is on the small side with a capacity of just 25 people. When we were visiting (mid-afternoon on a Tuesday) the lounge was fairly quiet, with just a couple of other visitors. Presumably, there are times when the lounge could reach capacity, however, I’d assume most people don’t arrive for their flight from Mendoza particularly early.

Mendoza Airport AMAE Lounge

The space is modern, and perfectly fine for a short stay. There are only internal windows, and these feature a view out onto the main terminal. The lounge has its own bathrooms, and everything was very clean.

Mendoza Airport AMAE Lounge

While there certainly isn’t anything particularly amazing about this lounge, if you’re able to enter for free, for example with Priority Pass, it’s a nicer place to wait than the main terminal.

Mendoza Airport AMAE Lounge

Food and Drinks at the Mendoza Airport AMAE Lounge

During our visit, there was a limited range of food available. If you’re just wanting a light snack, it’s perfectly okay. If you’re wanting anything more substantial, you’ll likely be disappointed though. The range was largely limited to hams, cheeses (of a faily poor quality), bread and a couple of sweet options like medialunas.

Food Buffet

The drinks selection was more impressive though. There were four or five different wines to choose from.

Wine Selection

A selection of spirits were also available too.

Spirits Selection


Overall, the Mendoza Airport AMAE lounge is fairly decent. It’s a small space, but you’d expect that from an airport of Mendoza’s size. It was a comfortable space to wait for our flight, but I wouldn’t recommend getting to the airport early for it.

Flybondi aircraft at Mendoza. View from window.