I’ve now stayed at the Novotel Kamala Beach Phuket Hotel four times. It was just recently that I realised I’d never actually reviewed it! Considering my first visit was in 2016, and my most recent was 2023, I’ve tried out a few different room types, and have seen the hotel as it’s begun to age. Overall, I still like it and think it’s a good value option in Phuket if you’re looking for somewhere more relaxed. However, some things haven’t necessarily changed for the better.

Novotel Kamala Beach Phuket Location

The Novotel Kamala Beach Phuket beneifts from a privileged location. The area itself has changed a lot in recent years. When I first visited in 2016, Novotel was one of the most modern hotels in the area. Kamala was very badly impacted by the 2004 Tsunami, and it has taken many years for it to recover its tourist trade. Today, Kamala Beach is very different to how it was 8 years ago. At that time, the beach was quiet, the area wasn’t over-developed, and it offered a nice contrast to the more ‘wild’ parts of Phuket.

Kamala Beach Phuket

To an extent, that’s still the case today. However, it’s changing. Whereas the beach used to have a number of quieter sections, the entire stretch is now populated with various bars, restaurants and nightlife venues. There are also a number of new (and thus more modern) hotels in the area, such as the Intercontinental Phuket Resort. The Novotel, in my view, has the best location. This is because it’s right at the end of the beach – so the beach area in front of the hotel tends to be much quieter, and is great for relaxing during the day. Depending on your preferences, this could also be a disadvantage though, since you’ll always need to be prepared to walk a little if you want to visit a restaurant, or find a supermarket.

Novotel Kamala Beach Phuket Hotel

From the airport, it takes around 40 minutes to arrive at the hotel. The Grab ridesharing application works in the Kamala area, so it isn’t too difficult to get transport to the main town, or further afield. Personally, I quite enjoy the walk along the beach, so appreciate the location. The beach itself is really pretty. Although during the low season the sea can be rough, I always enjoy the views.


Check-in always tend to be efficient. The hotel has a number of different room types, which are located in various buildings which make up the hotel. The lobby itself is well designed, and is semi-open, which creates a nice resort style atmosphere.

Upon arrival, a cold non-alcoholic welcome drink is offered during the check-in and if you’re staying in one of the villas, the hotel will transport you there on one of their buggies. But actually, the resort itself isn’t huge so this isn’t entirely necessary, although of course appreciated when you have heavy suitcases.

Accor Status Recognition

I have Accor Platinum Status, and this has always been very well recognised. Typically, I have always just booked the cheapest room (superior). I’ve always been upgraded though. This means I have been able to try out an ‘Ocean Room’, an ‘Ocean Suite’, an ‘Ocean Villa’ and a ‘One Bedroom Pool Villa’. So I have a pretty good idea of the different room types, and what they can offer.

Novotel Platinum Welcome Gift

In addition, other Platinum amenities such as the welcome drink and welcome gift are always automatically organised. To put it simply, if you do have Accor status, I’d recommend this hotel as a good option if you’re hoping for an upgrade – but of course, it always depends on room availability so isn’t guaranteed.

The Room and Villas at the Novotel Kamala Beach Phuket

As mentioned above, I’ve been able to try a few different rooms at this hotel. All of them have been good.

The Ocean Room is much more typical of what you’d expect from a Novotel. Essentially, it’s a standard room some with beach views. Unfortunately, on the one occassion I was allocated an Ocean Room, it happened to also be right in front of the pool area. This meant that it tended to be fairly noisy during the day. The Ocean Villa is nice. Here, you’re located away from the main hotel buildings so it feels more private. Again, you’ll also be able to enjoy great views onto the beach but it isn’t really any bigger than a normal hotel room, despite the ‘villa’ branding.

Ocean View Room

Beach View

The Ocean Suite and Pool Villa are really nice. I liked them both for different reasons, and am a bit torn on the option I prefer. The Ocean Suite is great if you prefer having a bigger room. This is because it features a large bedroom, with the addition of a well sized living room. Also, because you’re on the top floor, you’ll enjoy the best views from the balcony.

Ocean Suite Room

Ocean Suite Room

On the other hand, the Pool Villa is great because of its small rooftop pool. This was a brilliant place to relax, and it meant we avoided using the main pool area, which can feel busy. The only downside is the bedroom itself, which is on the small side. Apart from a desk and chair, there isn’t anywhere to sit, for example.

Novotel Kamala Beach Phuket Pool Villa

I think the best option very much depends on when you’re visiting Phuket. If you’re there during the low season, the Ocean Suite would be my choice. During high season, when the weather is much better, I’d probably prefer the Pool Villa.

Bars and Dining at the Novotel Kamala Beach Phuket

The hotel has a rooftop bar, and also a restaurant on the ground floor. I really like the rooftop bar, which is known as ‘On the Roof’. From here, you’ll enjoy amazing views of the sunset each night, and there’s also a happy hour which is timed to coincide with this. I’ve eaten at the bar, and everything I have tried has been good. The prices are as you would expect – slightly higher than if you find a restaurant outside of the hotel, but not by much.

Novotel Kamala Beach Phuket Rooftop Bar

The restaurant is open throughout the day and evening. A few times a week there seem to be themed nights, and these usually involve a buffet of some sort. I don’t think the restaurant is great, and prefer to eat at the rooftop bar instead. Room service is available until 11pm. The prices are good (no more expensive than ordering in a delivery). I used it a number of times during my most recent stay and was always impressed.


Breakfast has unfortunately declined in quality significantly since my first visit. The ingredient quality used to be high with a varied choice but this wasn’t the case during my most recent stay. There are different options, like stir fries, rice and some more westernised options, but the quality has declined. The options used to change daily, but this wasn’t so much the case last time. I thought the overall standard was much more canteen like.

Restaurant Area

The included coffee is vile. Instead, they try and upsell you into paying for a proper ‘speciality’ coffee. You shouldn’t need to pay anything extra for a drinkable coffee at breakfast. Fortunately, breakfast is my least favourite meal of the day, so in the end, I decided to skip it – but that’s not the point.

Pools and Leisure Facilities at the Novotel Kamala Beach Phuket

The hotel benefits from a very nice pool area. There are also a couple of jacuzzis available as well. Unfortunately, the pool isn’t as big as it could be for a resort of this size. That means it can start to feel overcrowded, and there is tendancy for big groups to dominate the space slightly. If you’re visiting during a quieter period, it is nice though. There are also plenty of sunloungers if you’re wanting to catch some sun.

Novotel Kamala Beach Phuket Pool

Although the beach in front of the hotel isn’t private (no beaches in Thailand are), it does feel secluded when compared to the rest of Kamala Beach. The hotel has a spa and gym area. I’ve used both, and they’re good.

Kamala Beach


Even though the Novotel Kamala Beach isn’t quite as good as it was during my first couple of visits, I’d still return. It tends to be competively priced and I do find it to be a relaxing place to stay for a couple of weeks. To give an example, for a nine night stay in May (which is off-season) I paid €55 per night. I don’t think this is bad at all.

The service at the hotel tends to be good, and I’ve always found the staff to be friendly and happy to help. Recognition of Accor ALL status is superb, and has always been consistent. Of course, it’s not in the same league as the Sofitel Krabi, but it doesn’t pretend to be and it’s a different sort of hotel.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like the location as much during my most recent visit. I liked Kamala Beach because during my first couple of stays it felt much less over-developed, quieter and more relaxing than other places in Phuket. But again, that’s just my preference. Lots of people would much prefer it today due to the increased number of things to do nearby.

This said, if you can find a good price, I think it’s worth a visit.