There are three Aeromexico Salon Premier lounges in Mexico City Terminal 2. In this article, we’re reviewing our experience at the international lounge. As this is Aeromexico’s hub, I was keen to see what their flagship lounge had to offer.

Aeromexico Salon Premier Lounge Access

Once you’ve cleared security, head up one level and you’ll find the Aeromexico Salon Premier lounge. It took me less than 5 minutes from clearing security to arriving at the lounge.

Aeromexico also has a lounge for domestic departures, as well as another international lounge – the Aeromexico Terraza Premier Heineken Lounge, which we’ve also reviewed.

You’ll be able to gain access if you’re flying with Aeromexico or another SkyTeam airline and hold Elite Plus status or are travelling in Business Class.

Interestingly, Priority Pass members are also invited to use this lounge. This is rare. Normally airline operated lounges are only available to business class passengers, or those with top-tier status.

The lounge is open daily from 6:00am until midnight.

Aeromexico Salon Premier Lounge Mexico City

Aeromexico Salon Premier Space & Interior

Unfortunately, I wasn’t particularly impressed with the Aeromexico Salon Premier lounge in Mexico City. Considering this is their hub airport, I was expecting something that felt far more inviting. Instead, I found the lounge to feel dark and tired. It is far more like a busy waiting room, than a relaxed airport lounge. Despite being called ‘Salon Premier’, nothing about this lounge feels premier at all.

The lounge does benefit from a few different spaces. The first space you’ll come to features two bars and various different seating options. This lounge always seems to feel busy, particularly in this area. This is where a small self-service buffet is set-up, but we’ll talk more about food and drinks later!

Aeromexico Sala Premier Lounge Bar area

Adjacent to this space, is another seating area which features more private pod-style seating. If you’re travelling as a family, this would probably be the best place to head. There’s also a spa in this area, however, none of the services are included – even if you’re travelling on a paid business class ticket.

Aeromexico Lounge quiet pod seating

The best area is probably upstairs, largely because it’s usually quieter. While the seating here isn’t particularly comfortable, and is designed primarily for dining, it’s probably the best place to base yourself if you need to get any work done.

Aeromexico Salon Premier upstairs

Finally, it’s worth mentioning temperature. During my visit, the lounge was incredibly warm. There didn’t appear to be any circulation of air. This made it a really unpleasant place to wait for my flight. It was far warmer than the main terminal itself.

Food and Drinks at the Aeromexico Salon Premier Lounge

It’s perhaps not surprising to read that I didn’t rate the food and drinks at the Aeromexico Salon Premier lounge very highly either. Perhaps I wasn’t visiting at a designated meal time (around 4pm) but the only complimentary food option was nachos. To be fair, there were also some yoghurts in the fridge too. This is because if you want anything more substantial, you’re expected to order from their menu, but none of the items offered are included.

Aeromexico Lounge Drinks Fridge

I find this rather absurd. If you’ve paid for a ticket in business class, or hold SkyTeam Elite Plus status, it’s not unreasonable to expect that you should be able to find something decent to eat before your flight at no additional cost. Even if you’ve entered with a Priority Pass card, this isn’t an unreasonable expectation – after all, most other lounges manage it.

In my opinion, the prices being charged are also excessive. A burger will set you back $280MXN (approximately $16USD), while a salmon fillet will cost you $495MXN (nearly $30USD!). Compare this to the food offered by Iberia at no additional charge, even in their smaller Schengen lounge in Madrid and you can understand the difference in standard. Perhaps unsurprisingly, during my stay at the lounge I didn’t see a single person order from the menu.

Complimentary Drinks Selection Advertisment

The drinks selection is slightly better, if you don’t include the wine – which was disgusting. Overall, it all felt very low effort.

Red wine


The Aeromexico Salon Premier Lounge failed to impress in any aspect. It feels dark, overcrowed and uncomfortable. If you’re hoping to grab something to eat before your flight, you’ll almost certainly be disappointed, unless you’re prepared to order from the overpriced menu. The lounge doesn’t benefit from any natural light, which is particularly unpleasant if you’re connecting from an overnight flight.

The other international Aeromexico lounge, known as the Aeromexico Terraza Premier Heineken Lounge is slightly better. So if you only have the option of an Aeromexico lounge, I’d probably recommend heading there instead.

If you’re able to access it though, I’d highly recommend heading straight to the Amex Centurion Lounge instead. Unlike the Aeromexico Salon Premier, the Centurion lounge is a genuinely pleasant place to spend an hour or so before your flight.

Overall, it feels like Aeromexico are letting themselves down. I actually think they offer a fairly good product in business. In many ways they’re similar to LATAM in the air – far from outstanding, but more than acceptable, especially if you’re able to find a decent price. But even LATAM do a better job with their lounges and the LATAM lounge in SΓ£o Paulo offers a far better experience. Likewise, in Bangkok, Turkish Airlines have a lounge which is open to Priority Pass members, as do Oman Air. Both were far better than the Aeromexico Salon Premier.

Perhaps at some point in the future Aeromexico will relook at their lounge concept, but in the meantime, I’ll be giving this lounge a miss when I’m flying through Mexico City.