Air Nostrum, also known as Iberia Regional, operates a number of flights within Spain. They also operate a limited number of flights to Portugal and France. Considering the short flight times, and small planes, I was curious to see what the Air Nostrum Business Class experience would be like.

picture boarding on an airplane

Being in the mood for a short European city break, we found a fairly reasonable flight with Iberia from Valencia to Prague in business. The first leg from Valencia to Madrid was operated by Air Nostrum in business class. I’ve travelled with them quite a few times before, although usually in economy. Air Nostrum tend to be fairly punctual, primaily operating flights with Bombardier CRJ1000 aircraft.

Air Nostrum Business Class Check-in & Lounge

Unfortunately, this was an early morning flight leaving just after 6am in the morning. After a fairly easy drive to the airport we checked in around 90 minutes prior to departure. We were able to use the dedicated business class check-in counters, and this took no more than 5 minutes.

Valencia, although not my favourite airport, is fairly quick to navigate. As we were travelling business, we were able to use the Fast Track security lane. It was still busy though, and I wonder if it was any quicker than the normal queue.

As a business class passenger, you’re able to use the Sala VIP Joan Olivert Business Lounge, which is open from 5am. We’ve previously reviewed this lounge which you can find here. In short, while it won’t win any awards, there are worse places to wait for a flight.

Air Nostrum Business Class Cabin

business class seat on air nostrum airplane business class cabin on air nostrum leg space seats on the first row on iberia regional air nostrum airplane

As is standard when flying business class within Europe, you shouldn’t expect a huge level of difference in terms of seat or comfort compared to economy. Usually, on larger short-haul aircraft such as an A320 or 737, you would at least have the middle seat next to you blocked. Air Nostrum, however, have a 2-2 layout throughout the cabin due to their smaller aircraft. This means the seat next to you won’t be blocked.

This said, we were sitting in seats 1F and 1D, which both have plenty of legroom. The seats themselves are also comfortable, and more than acceptable for a short flight. I actually prefer them to those you’ll find on bigger planes.


Shortly before take-off, it was announced that the flight duration was expected to be just 35 minutes. In total, there were 5 people in business class, which took up the first three rows. Again, as is common for European business class products, a moving curtain means the cabin can be extended or reduced in size depending on load.

Service was friendly and efficient. Due to the short flight time, the cabin crew were quick to begin the service. and I even managed to enjoy a couple of cups of coffee in the short time available.

Air Nostrum Business Class Food and Drinks

orange juice offered right after takeoff breakfast offered on air nostrum business class, including croissant, bread, a selection of fresh fruits and yogurt Coffee cup with an airplane window

Within a couple of minutes of the seatbelt sign being switched off, a member of the cabin crew came round with a tray of orange juice and water. Shortly after this, a light breakfast with coffee was offered. No menus are provided, but on this flight the main choice was either a croissant or pastel de nata. I opted for the croissant and the tray included a small fruit bowl, yoghurt and bread.

I thought that this was more than adequate for a very short flight. The croissant tasted really good (much more like the type you’d get from a proper bakery, rather than on a flight!). Additionally, while fruit can be rather variable in the air, it tasted really fresh and was enjoyable.

arriving at madrid barajas airport


When considering whether or not I’d recommend Air Nostrum, it’s important to put things into context. The vast majority of people travelling in business on the airline will be doing so as part of a connection through Madrid. If you were just needing to get between Valencia and Madrid, this isn’t the best option. Return trips in business typically cost around €300 on Air Nostrum/Iberia Regional, while by train, you can get seats in ‘Preferente’ or First Class for around €70. It goes without saying, the train is a better option in this case.

If, however, you’re travelling on Air Nostrum because you’re connecting through Madrid, they offer a fairly decent experience. You can enjoy a light meal, a relaxed flight, and a decent in-flight product.