Usually when flying from a Spanish airport, you’ll only be able to use the airport managed AENA lounges. Madrid is the exception, assuming you’re flying with Iberia or another oneworld airline from Terminal 4. Iberia has two lounges in the terminal. One in the main terminal 4 area, and the other in the satellite terminal T4s. This review covers the Iberia Lounge Terminal 4 Dalí lounge, primarily used for intra-schengen departures.

If you’re flying on a long-haul flight, or outside of the Schengen area, you’ll likely be departing from T4S. This means you’ll have access to the Iberia Lounge Terminal 4 S which we’ve reviewed separately.

Iberia Dalí Business Lounge Madrid

Iberia Lounge Terminal 4 Access

Iberia’s Dalí lounge is available for use by passengers flying with oneworld airlines in business or first. Access is also available for oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members. Typically, you’ll be directed this lounge if you’re on an intra-Schengen flight. There are a couple of exceptions, however, such as Iberia operated flights to London Heathrow, which depart from the main terminal building.

The lounge itself is easy to find. Once you’ve cleared security, stay on the same level, instead of going down into the Duty Free area. The lounge is in front of you.

Iberia Madrid Business Lounge Terminal 4 Dalí

Iberia Lounge Terminal 4 Space & Interior

The Iberia Business Lounge Terminal 4 is divided into a few different spaces. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by a large space featuring different seating areas. This section is usually busier than the other areas of the lounge. On the other side of the lounge to the right is an almost identicle space, with a bar area stationed inbetween.

The design always impresses me. Essentially, the lounge is located on a mezzanine floor, but is open to the terminal below. This means you can enjoy Madrid Barajas’ distinctive architecture and design. The only downside is that there are no direct views of the apron or runway.

Iberia Madrid Business Lounge Terminal 4 Dalí Bar

Despite often being busy, especially during peak times, I’ve never struggled to find a seat. Additionally, power points are located throughout the lounge and at the majority of seating areas, making it easy to stay connected. Internet is provided by the airport operator AENA. Recently, this seems to have improved in quality – a year or so ago it was very unreliable and I often had to use phone data.

Food and Drinks at the Iberia Lounge Terminal 4

Iberia consistently offers good wines – both in the air, and its lounges. In addition to the bar, there are a number of self-service areas where you can pick-up soft drinks, beer and water. The bar isn’t staffed as such, although often there is a staff member managing the area. I typically prefer a completely self-service concept, but it doesn’t make a huge difference. You’ll also find a number of different spirits and mixers.

In terms of food, Iberia offers a larger selection during Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner periods.

Breakfast - hash browns, tomatoes, bread

Breakfast – hash browns, tomatoes, bread

Breakfast – scrambled eggs

During the rest of the day, there is also hot food available, however, it is slightly more limited. You’ll always find a selection of salads, sandwiches, pastries and snacks whenever you visit. There is also ice cream.

Iberia Dali lounge madrid menu lunch

All day – salads

All day – salads

All day – cake

All day – Magnums

Generally, I find the quality to be very good, although it is slightly less comprehensive than the selection available in the T4S lounge. This said, I’ve never left hungry, and usually prefer eating in the lounge to grabbing something in the air, especially on a short-haul flight.

Iberia Lounge Terminal 4 dinner - chicken and rice

Lunch/Dinner – chicken casserole & rice

Iberia Lounge Terminal 4 dinner - pasta with chorizo

Lunch/Dinner – pasta with chorizo

Iberia Lounge Terminal 4 dinner - aubergine and courgette

Lunch / Dinner – aubergine parmigiana & roasted courgette

Additionally, the lounge offers a sleeping area as well as baggage storage facilities. I do not recommend the sleeping area, even if you do have a long connection. In my experience, it is usually far too hot with no circulation of air. This can make it an unpleasant, and often rather dirty feeling space.

Showers are also available, and you can access these by speaking with the reception staff. If a shower is available, they’ll give you an access code. If there is a queue, they’ll call your name over the tannoy when a shower does become available. The shower areas are really well designed, and I often use this facility, particularly when I have a longer layover.

Iberia Dalí Business Lounge shower Madrid


The Iberia Business Lounge Terminal 4 Dalí offers a good experience. In fact, as far as business class airline lounges in Europe go, this is among one of the better options. It offers a relaxed space and a good range of food and drink.