The AENA VIP Lounge Valencia is located after security, and is accessible to passengers flying both within and outside of the Schengen area.ย 

AENA VIP Lounge Valencia Access

The AENA VIP Lounge Valencia is located close to Gate 12. Valencia airport is fairly small, so the Sala Joan Olivert lounge would never be more than ten minutes away from your boarding gate. As this is the only business lounge in the airport, it’s the lounge you’ll be invited to use if you are travelling in business class or hold top tier status with an airline alliance like oneworld or SkyTeam.ย 

AENA VIP Lounge Valencia entrance

Access if also possible if you have a Priority Pass or DragonPass card. We’ve previously shared how you can obtain a free DragonPass membership. You can also pay for access directly with airport operator AENA. At a fee of โ‚ฌ40.85 though, I’m not sure I’d recommend this option. Few airport lounges are worth anything like this amount, in my opinion.ย 

The lounge is open from 5:00am until 23:00pm daily.ย 

AENA VIP Lounge Valencia Space & Interior

Interestingly, the AENA VIP Lounge Valencia is distributed over two floors. However,ย  as a frequent user of this lounge, on the majority of my visits only the ground floor is operational. The exception to this appears to be during the peak summer months, when the upstairs area is sometimes also open. This means even during the airport’s busiest period, you shouldn’t struggle to find a seat.ย 

AENA VIP Lounge Valencia

In terms of space, the lounge is essentially a large rectangle. On the ground level, there are only internal windows, which means the space does have a tendency to feel a little dark. There are a few different spaces and areas though – including a small business centre, a kids area, and a quiet zone.

AENA VIP Lounge Valencia

Overall, I think it’s a fairly well designed space, albeit not particularly memorable. I actually happen to prefer the upstairs area when it’s open. From this space you’re able to see out onto the airport apron. The upstairs space does look like it needs a refresh though. The overall style is somehwat different (and more dated) when compared to the more utilised ground floor.ย 

Valencia Lounge Upstairs area 2 Valencia Lounge Upstairs area 1

Food and Drinks at the AENA VIP Lounge Valencia

The selection of food and drinks available is fairly typical for an AENA lounge in Spain, although it’s less impressive than the offering at the Plaza Mayor Madrid Lounge in Terminal 4, or the Barcelona Pau Casals Lounge in Terminal 1.ย 

The food available varies according to the time of the day. My most recent visit was during the evening, and there were a range of sandwiches, cheeses and cold meats. Nothing particularly exciting, but adequate enough if you’re just wanting a snack.

Self-serve buffet with sandwiches, ham and cheeses

In the morning, you’ll also find a range of croissants and pastries. It’d be nice if the food selection was a little more ambitious and matched AENA’s lounges in Madrid and Barcelona, but considering Valencia airport is on the small side, it’s perhaps to be expected.ย 

Lounge buffet breakfast iteams, including croissants.

The drinks selection, however, is pretty much identical to every other AENA lounge in Spain. At the AENA VIP lounge Valencia, you’ll find a selection of mid-range spirits, as well as a few different beer and wine options. Overall, the quality is consistent. Nothing outstanding, but more than acceptable. As with the food selection, drinks are all self-service.ย 

Drinks fridge with beer and water Wines and Spirits


Spain probably has some of the best airport lounges in Europe. Largely because of how consistent they are. With the exception of the Iberia Madrid Terminal 4 Dali Lounge and the Iberia Madrid Terminal 4S Velรกzquez lounge, all of Spain’s airport lounges are run by airport operator AENA. On the whole, they’ve done a good job.ย 

The AENA VIP Joan Olivert lounge is a pleasant space to relax before your flight. While it’s not worth arriving at the airport particularly early for, it’s far better than many other lounges in Europe and if the upstairs area is open, I recommend heading there.ย