Travelling through Mexico City, I was looking forward to trying out the Amex Centurion Lounge Terminal 2. Although I was travelling Business with Aeroméxico, I’d tried out both their Salon Premier and Terraza Premier Heineken lounges and found them disappointing. So I was curious to see if the Amex lounge would be a step up.

Access to the Centurion Lounge Mexico City

The Centurion Lounge Mexico City Terminal 2 is well-signposted and located on the mezzanine level of the terminal. It took less than five minutes from clearing security to arriving at the lounge. This is the lounge you’ll have access to if flying on an international flight with Aeroméxico from Terminal 2.

If you’re travelling from Terminal 1, or on a domestic flight, Amex has two other lounges available. I was able to access the lounge as an Amex Platinum card holder. My card is issued in Spain, and this allows access with food and drinks included. You’re also able to visit the lounge if you hold the Centurion card with the same conditions.

There are restrictions, however, if you’re entering with an Amex Platinum Aeroméxico card, or the Business Platinum Card. In these cases, admission is possible, however, food isn’t included. There was a small queue to enter the lounge, which was also being refurbished. This meant that some areas weren’t open as normal, which seemed to be causing some problems with capacity.

The Space

The Amex Centurion Lounge Terminal 2 at Mexico City is spaced over two levels. After checking in at the reception desk, I was escorted to the second level of the lounge. Almost all of the tables were occupied. This meant that the lounge felt slightly chaotic, but all of the staff did an excellent job of managing this. Centurion Lounge Mexico City level 2 bar area. In reality, the Amex Centurion Lounge feels more like an airport restaurant than a lounge. This is very different to the Centurion lounge São Paulo, for example. Once seated, it’s a waiter service concept, and unlike a more traditional airport lounge, there are no self-service facilities. This has its pros and cons.

It’s good if you have a longer wait, since the quality of food is higher. If you’re in a rush, it’s not so great. The upstairs space is made up of a bar area, and then a larger seating area. Here, there are also booths for working, which was a nice touch. I was seated in the bar area, and was lucky to get one of the sofa tables. Centurion Lounge Mexico City Bar area Centurion Lounge Mexico City level 2 seating Overall, I liked the feel and design of the lounge. While it does have a tendency to feel busy, once seated, it’s a fairly pleasant space to wait for a flight.

Food and Drinks at the Centurion Lounge Mexico City

This is where the Amex Centurion Lounge Terminal 2 really excels. Upon being seated, I was offered a menu. While there are prices listed, these don’t apply unless you enter with one of the restricted cards I mentioned above. Menu - Spanish Menu - English The menu itself was varied, and you’re able to order anything you’d like. Drinks are included regardless of the card you use to enter. While I wasn’t given a drinks list, when I asked for a red wine, I was presented with 3 or 4 different options. In the end, I went for the Spanish option, which although not outstanding, was more than acceptable. I tried out a few different options during my visit – and all of them were good. Service is fairly swift, although it did take around an hour from first being seated to the food arriving – so again, this is something to be aware of if you’re short on time. Burger Pizza & Tacos The Tacos were particularly good, as was the burger. I also enjoyed trying out the desserts. The portion sizes are on the smaller size – but it’s also fun being able to try out a few different options, so I liked this. Lime Tart Vanilla Flan

Centurion Lounge Mexico City Conclusions

I found The Amex Centurion Lounge Mexico City Terminal 2 to be an enjoyable space to wait for my flight. It far exceeds the Aeroméxico Business Lounge next door. While you might have to queue for ten minutes or so if the lounge is busy, I was glad I did. As the lounge isn’t self-service, it feels much more like visiting a restaurant – and this was reflected in the quality of the food, compared to the more typical lounge ‘buffet’ concept.

Whilst the space can feel crowded, it also felt far more relaxed than a typical lounge due to the sit-down menu and service. It was also a step up from the Amex lounges in São Paulo and Buenos Aires – which have a more traditional airport lounge feel to them.

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