The Aeromexico Terraza Premier Heineken lounge is one of three Aeromexico lounges available at Mexico City Terminal 2. I’ve previously visited the main Aeromexico lounge, known as the Sala Premier International Lounge and found it very disappointing. So this time I thought I’d try out the Terraza Premier Heineken lounge instead.

Aeromexico Terraza Premier Heineken Lounge Access

The Aeromexico Terraza Premier Heineken lounge is around a ten minute walk from the main security area. It’s easy enough to find though, and is located in Section B.

As is the case with all three of Aeromexico’s lounges, you can access with Priority Pass. Alternatively, you can access the lounge if you’re travelling internationally in business class on a SkyTeam flight, or hold SkyTeam Elite Plus.

The lounge is open daily from 5:00am until 21:00pm.

Aeromexico Terraza Premier Heineken Space & Interior

We were visiting the lounge at around 8:30am on a Friday. At this time, the lounge was very quiet. At most, there were 5 or 6 other passengers. The space is much smaller than the Sala Premier International Lounge, and if busy, I imagine it’d have a tendency to feel crowded.

Initial first impressions, however, were much better. The space is light, there are views out onto the airport, and the general ambiance feels much more relaxed.

Aeromexico Terraza Premier Heineken

There are a few different seating options. In particular, there were lots of individual seating areas. These would be great if you’re travelling solo, or need to complete some work before your flight.

Aeromexico Terraza Premier Heineken

Although it’s essentially one big space, there are different levels. We decided to sit close to the windows, and the view was pretty decent. Unlike Aeromexico’s main lounge, the space benefits from natural light and feels far less depressing. Despite being smaller, it feels far more relaxed and less utilised.

Aeromexico Terraza Premier Heineken

The decor is consistent with Aeromexico’s other lounges, but in general everything looked much better maintained. Interesting, I’m not completely sure what the deal with Heineken is. Apart from some Amstel in the fridges and a few logos, the relevance isn’t entirely clear.

Food and Drinks at the Aeromexico Terraza Premier Heineken

Unfortunately, as with Aeromexico’s other lounges, the food selection is very limited. During breakfast, free items were limited to nachos, fruit salad, cereal, or pastries. I do struggle with the idea that someone could have paid thousands for a business class ticket, but then receive virtually nothing in the way of food.

Aeromexico Lounge Breakfast Menu

Upon entering the lounge, we were quickly approached by a staff member who offered us a menu. This featured several different Γ  la carte options, and to be fair, the selection was interesting. While the lounge does accept entry via Priority Pass, where I can perhaps understand this concept, it is a business class lounge. At the very least, I’d expect them to offer business class passengers and SkyTeam Elite Plus members one free complimentary item from the menu.

Lounge food buffet, including nachos

Bread and pastry selection

In the middle of the lounge, there’s a large bar area and all drinks are included. Here, you can order from a selection of options, but the overall quality is low. The wine, for example, is the same as in Aeromexico’s other lounges and isn’t worth trying.

Aeromexico Terraza Premier Heineken Bar Area

Since we were here during breakfast, I only fancied a coffee. There was also a fridge stocked with various soft drinks and beers.

Fridge in airport lounge with beer and soft drinks


The Aeromexico Terraza Premier Heineken Lounge is the best of the three Aeromexico lounges in Mexico City. That doesn’t mean much though. Although the space itself feels less depressing, it’s still a very basic lounge and certainly isn’t worth making much of an effort to visit.

The lack of anything much to eat (unless you’re happy to pay an additional fee) and the poor quality drinks demonstrate Aeromexico’s lack of commitment to creating a premium experience on the ground. While I think Aeromexico is a fairly decent option in the air, there certainly isn’t much point in getting to the airport early.

If you’re able to access it, I’d recommend heading to the Amex Centurion Lounge instead.