Bariloche is high-up on my ‘must see’ list. Flights from Buenos Aires take around 2.5 hours. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll be greeted by some stunning scenery. The last time I flew through Bariloche, the business lounge was being renovated. Fortunately, on this trip the lounge was open, meaning we could check it out.

Sala VIP Club Business Lounge Bariloche Access

The Sala VIP Club Business Lounge Bariloche is located on the lower level arrivals floor. This means you’ll always need to clear security after your visit. This can seem like a slight disadvantage, however, it took us no longer than 10 minutes to leave the lounge, clear security and arrive at our gate – it’s a small airport. On the plus side, you’re also able to use the lounge upon your arrival in Bariloche – which is unusual for most lounges.

Access is granted through the Priority Pass or Dragon Pass programmes, as well as with some Argentinean issued credit cards, such as AMEX. If you don’t have access to one of these, you can also pay to enter. This, however, will cost you $50 USD per person. This definitely isn’t good value – and it’d be far better to follow our guide to obtain a free Dragon Pass membership. You’d then pay Β£24 (approx €28/$30).

Sala VIP Club Business Lounge Bariloche Space & Interior

The Sala VIP Club Business Lounge Bariloche is on the smaller side. I’d imagine the capacity to be no more than around 40 – 45 people. It’s essentially a large rectangular space, and while the interior looks good, there aren’t any windows – so don’t expect to do any planespotting!

There are a few different seating options. The best of these, in my opinion, being the sofas close to the entrance. Besided these, there are other chairs, as well as a table with bar seating. The lounge does have its own bathrooms, and these were always very clean.

Sala VIP Club Business Lounge Bariloche seating area.

Food and Drinks at the Sala VIP Club Business Lounge Bariloche

As you’d likely expect from a lounge at an airport of Bariloche’s size, the food and drink optons were fairly limited. This said, what was available was more than adequate – it’s unlikely you’d be spending more than an hour or so here.

Sala VIP Club Business Lounge Bariloche

At the end of the lounge, there is a self service area where you’ll find cold meats, cheeses, breads and some sweeter options such as Argentina’s famous alfajores. Everything was fine, but fairly unremarkable.

The drinks selection was slightly more impressive. There were a few different wine options (including malbec and sparkling). Additionally, there were spirits, beers and soft drinks. Everything was self-service, which I tend to prefer.


Overall, I thought the Sala VIP Club Business Lounge Bariloche was fairly good. I visited twice – when I first arrived in Bariloche to grab a quick water, and then for around an hour before my departure. Despite being on the smaller side, the lounge didn’t feel too crowded, and the atmosphere was good.

This said, I wouldn’t be recommending to pay the direct fee of $50 USD, nor would I suggest arriving at the airport particularly early to try it out. But if you happen to be passing by, and have an hour or so to spare, it’s worth a visit.