The AMAE Lounge Aeroparque Buenos Aires opened at the end of January 2024. As it happened, I was travelling through the airport on my way to Mendoza. This meant I was able to experience the lounge on its second official day of opening. Before this, there was no Priority Pass lounge available at the airport.

AMAE Lounge Aeroparque Access

The AMAE Lounge Aeroparque is located in the domestic boarding area. Security clearance is normally extremely quick at Jorge Newbery, and it took me no more than 10 minutes from arriving at the airport to entering the lounge. Once you’ve cleared security, head towards Gate 1, and you’ll see the entrance for the lounge.

AMAE Lounge Aeroparque Entrance

You can gain access in a number of ways. Priority Pass is accepted, as is Dragon Pass. It’s worth noting that you cannot access this lounge if you are travelling on an international flight, which is disappointing.

The lounge is open daily from 6:30am until 22:00.

AMAE Lounge Aeroparque Space & Interior

The AMAE Lounge Aeroparque has a capacity of 130 passengers. This means it is on the smaller side and there is the potential for the space to feel full. This said, Aeroparque is not the sort of airport you arrive at with hours to spare. Due to its central Buenos Aires location, the airport is extremely accessible. As a result, I’d imagine most people would only be at the lounge for a maximum of one hour or so.

AMAE Lounge Aeropaque - Seating and Bar Area

There are a few different seating areas. Upon entering and to the left, there are a number of comfortable armchairs for working. These have been cleverly designed to give good levels of privacy, and I found them perfect for concentrating and getting some work done.

Brown Armchair seating at the AMAE Lounge Aeroparque

There is a bar area, which features tables more suitable for dining. Additionally, there are a number of seats positioned close to the windows. For me, this is always important, as I enjoy being able to do some planespotting prior to my flight!

AMAE Lounge Aeroparque - view from window

Overall, I liked the design of the space. Despite being on the smaller side, the space has been well utilised. As there are full-length windows looking out onto the apron, the space feels very light, which is always good.

Food and Drinks at the AMAE Lounge Aeroparque

The food and drinks available were very similar to the selection available at the Sala VIP Club Business Lounge Bariloche and the Mendoza Airport AMAE Lounge. The main difference being the addition of some (very limited) hot options. Everything is self-service, and the buffet was replenished regularly.

Overall, the quality was probably as you’d expect from a domestic lounge. Good if you’re just wanting a snack, but if you’re looking for anything more substantial, it’d probably be better heading to one of the airport restaurants instead.

The two hot options were either quiche, or scrambled egg. Considering I was visiting the lounge at 4pm, the scrambled egg seemed like a slightly strange choice. There was, however, a very good selection of fresh fruit, including strawberries.

Beer and wines were available on a self-service basis. There is also a staffed bar, which was serving a full selection of spirits. Overall, I thought the selection was good.

Septima Red Wine Malbec


With the opening of the AMAE Lounge Aeroparque, there is finally a Priority Pass or Dragon Pass option if you’re taking a flight from Jorge Newbery airport. This is a major improvement.

Although it’d have been great if the space was slightly larger, it’s well designed and a pleasant place to wait for your flight. Unfortunately, my Flybondi flight was delayed by 8 hours and didn’t end up departing until 1:30am, by which time the lounge had long closed. In future, I’ll only be travelling with Aerolineas Argentinas when I’m flying domestically within Argentina, but that’s a whole other story!