Buying access to a lounge membership scheme can be expensive. Fortunately though, there’s an easy method to sign-up for a free DragonPass membership. This will allow you to make some pretty good savings if you want to visit an airport lounge during your next trip.Β 

free DragonPass membership

What is DragonPass?

With a free DragonPass membership you’ll gain access to a network of over 1,300 lounges globally. You’ll be able to find options at virtually every major airport worldwide, meaning a more pleasant start to your journey. While the quality of airport lounges can vary, you can typically expect somewhere more relaxed to wait for your flight, as well as complimentary food and drinks.

Normally, you’d need to pay an annual fee of $99 per year to join the most basic DragonPass plan, known as ‘Classic’. This would entitle you to one airport lounge visit per year, with any additional visits being charged at a fee of $35 each.

What are the benefits of a free DragonPass membership?

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to get a free DragonPass membership. Once you’ve gained your membership, you’ll be able to visit any lounge in the DragonPass network for Β£24 (approx. €28/$30) per visit. This is considerably better than paying for the $99 Classic plan and having to pay $35 (approx. Β£28/€32) per visit.

Signing up for a free DragonPass membership is very straightforward, and shouldn’t take more than ten minutes,

Signing up for a free DragonPass membership is easy:

  1. Go to
  2. This will take you to the registration page. Fill out your details and register for free
  3. Once registered, go to On the left-hand side, you’ll see a menu. Click on Partner offers.
  4. You should then see an ‘Airport Lounges’ section. Click onΒ Go to external site.
  5. You’ll then be taken to DragonPass, where you can sign-up for a free account.

Once you’ve followed these steps, you’ll have access to DragonPass, and can now visit any lounge for a flat fee of Β£24 (approx €28/$30) per visit. I’d recommend downloading their app to your mobile device. From here, you can easily add lounge passes using your debit or credit card.

What savings will I benefit from?

  • The La Valette Club Malta Lounge costs Β£34 / €40. Using your free DragonPass membership you’d enjoy a saving of Β£10 / €12
  • The Barcelona Pau Casals Lounge costs Β£35 / €41. Using your free DragonPass membership you’d enjoy a saving of Β£11 / €13
  • The LATAM SΓ£o Paulo Lounge costs Β£47 / €55. Using your free DragonPass membership you’d obtain a saving of Β£23 / €27

So while the savings do vary quite a bit depending on the lounge you want to use, it’s still a better option than paying for access directly with the lounge operator.

What’s the difference between DragonPass and Priority Pass?

Both DragonPass and Priority Pass are airport lounge membership schemes. Essentially, they have contracts and agreements with airport lounges across the world to allow access for their members.

Both networks have contracts with a similar number of lounges. Often, these will be the same lounges. Occassionally, however, one membership might entitle you to more options than the other. It’s worth taking a look at both of their websites before travelling to compare the available options.